Activities and sport

Colonia de Sant Jordi - Mallorca

  • Cycling in Mallorca's Southeast

    Colonia de Sant Jordi, a cyclist's paradise

    Mallorca has become a very popular destination for amateur or professional cyclists. Although the reasons are many, we will highlight three main reasons why Mallorca has become an epicenter of cycling in Europe. The climate of Mallorca: Mallorca offers pleasant temperatures throughout the year and does not usually have long rainy seasons. The roads and paths on the island are perfectly adapted and developed for cyclists, with a large number of MTB trails. Finally, the diverse landscape of Mallorca is a magnet for cyclists, offering the possibility of training for all kinds of skills and abilities.

  • Hiking in Mallorca's Southeast

    The best hiking paths and excursions

    Thinking about Mallorca is thinking of nature. With colors and terrains that amaze those who visit it, Mallorca offers a large number of hiking trails and paths. No question asked, enjoying outdoor activities is a must when visiting Mallorca. The southeast of Mallorca offers all kinds of hiking routes of different difficulty, paths next to the sea and the mountains, itineraries for a beach hike... If you are interested in discovering one of the hiking routes in the southeast of Mallorca, just come by our front desk, we'll be happy to assist!

  • Golf in Mallorca

    Discover the best golf courses on the island

    Another one of the popular sports in Mallorca is golfing. Thanks to its nice weather all year long, Mallorca attracts hundreds of golfers who are looking to improve their swing on this idyllic island. Year after year more and more golfing packages are offered to combine visits to the best golf courses with relaxing stays in different areas of the island. With over 20 golf courses suitable for all levels and preferences, Mallorca is a picture-perfect spot to practice this sport.

  • Water sports in Mallorca

    Stay active and enjoy the Med

    The Mediterranean is a magical place that attracts hundreds of visitors every year. No question asked, in addition to admiring its impressive beauty, when staying at Villa Chiquita you will be able to try and practice all kinds of water sports. Mallorca's Southeast and its long sand beaches are the perfect setting to try something new. Windsurfing, sailing, water skiing, kite surfing, surfing, fliteboarding, diving, scuba diving, jet skis ... Tell us what you want to try and at Villa Chiquita we will organize a fun day in the water for you!

  • Diving and snorkeling in Mallorca

    Dive into the Med

    If you'd like to find out what the bottom of the Mediterranean looks like, you will love to try some snorkeling or diving in Mallorca. Without a doubt, Mallorca is a paradise for those who practice scuba diving and you can try it whether you are a beginner or an expert diver. More than 50 diving clubs and a large number of diving centers along the Majorcan coast are available to those who want to dive into the Mediterranean and discover its beauties.

  • Discover Mallorca on a boat

    There's nothing like seeing Mallorca from the sea

    Another must when visiting Mallorca is to rent a boat to see the island from the sea. There is nothing that resembles that unique sensation of navigating the Mediterranean and being able to observe the impressive beaches and coves of Mallorca from a completely different perspective. The blue and turquoise of the crystal clear waters and the impressive natural setting of the pine forests and cliffs invite you to spend a day in the sun. The island has a large number of yacht charter companies offering different types of boats, from sailboats and traditional Mallorcan llauts to catamarans and huge yachts.

Discover, live, enjoy and fall in love with Mallorca